Thursday, October 15, 2009

Never Have A Hangover Again...

Vitamins Before & After You Drink, The Secret To Keeping The Hangover Away...The Bartender2Go Hangover Cure

Most people would think you should stock up on water before and after you have a “funky good time” out on the town, which is good. However, your body doesn’t live on water alone! When you drink your liver, kidney’s, heart & every other organ is working overtime. Mainly your liver. Your body uses it’s potassium, and other minerals to try to rid it’s self of the toxins you consumed the night before. What’s your best bet??? Vitamins and of course water.

Before your first drink:
Take a super B complex vitamin, and be sure to be hydrated. Also for every two alcoholic drinks, drink water.

After your last drink:
Some people swear by Milk Thistle, which won’t hurt. You need potassium & B vitamins at this point as well, and plenty of water. Also dry toast to coat the stomach works wonders.

In the morning:
Drink warm water with the juice of a lemon to flush out the toxins from the night before. The lemon helps your liver to function and it gets your metabolism going. Although a greasy breakfast may sound good, it’s probably the worst thing you can do. Instead have a healthier breakfast, and be sure to include a banana in some form or fashion!

And remember to always have a sober designated driver...

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