Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks For The Pumpkin Bowl

We’re just a few days away from what a client coined as the Turkey Party, and just like any “party” or day of thanks you plan on having, we want you to be fully prepared. Need something to go with that pumpkin pie? Want to wash down the pounds of turkey & mashed potatoes you plan on consuming. Try a cool Thanksgiving day spiked apple cider punch. For extra oooohs and ahhhs from your in-laws, carve and scoop out a pumpkin and serve the punch directly in your “pumpkin bowl”.

Have a happy & safe holiday.


One, Two Punch

1 large pumpkin, cleaned out, top removed
1 cup. Spiced Rum such as Captain Morgan
32 oz. Apple Juice
1 bottle Sparkling Apple Cider

Mix all the apple juice, sparkling cider and rum in a picture. Slowly pour contents into ice filled hallowed out pumpkin. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Have cinnamon sticks on the side for the garnish


LiLu said...

A couple of friends did this for my birthday last year! And it was SPECTACULAR.

Felicia D. Owens-Smith said...

Excellent idea! I may have to use it for thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Ha, this could be sort of perplexing (after a couple of these tasty drinks) to find apple cider in a pumpkin. Maybe you could carve out apples and have pumpkin juice??