Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Bartender2Go Stimulus Plan

Now that the holidays are over and the Inauguration is a cold but warm and fuzzy memory, what's left to celebrate? The month of Love with Bartender2Go of course! Yes, we know, your Bailout package from Congress hasn't arrived yet, however, we are determined to stimulate your taste buds with our Love Potion. If that doesn't work, you can always fall back on the Bartender2Go Stimulus Martini. What, you need more motivation? Ok, since you insist, book a bartender or wait-staff person during the month of February and receive a free gift!
Whatever you do, make sure you share your Bailout Package with us!!!
Love Potion
6 fresh strawberries sliced
1 Tblsp. fresh basil thinly sliced
3 Tblsp. sugar
5 oz. chilled strawberry vodka
5 oz. chilled cranberry juice
2 chilled Martini Glasses

Combine the strawberries, basil, sugar & vodka in a martini shaker. Muddle with a wooden spoon until the sugar, basil, strawberries and chilled vodka are mixed well. Add the chilled cranberry juice to the shaker. Shake all of the contents together. Strain into chilled martini glasses. Be sure to add some of the basil and strawberries from the shaker to the martini glasses. Makes 2, enough for sharing! Enjoy!

Stimulus Martini
4 oz Tequila
2 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Lime Juice
4 oz Orange Juice
2 chilled Martini Glasses
Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into chilled Martini glasses. Serve to stimulate the economy...or your taste buds.

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